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Pepe Milán Footwear.

For over 60 years we are manufacturers of footwear since the 40´s there for our grandfather started in Almansa a business project in the world of footwear, based on a lot of effort and sacrifice but always with love and wisdom MILAN national brand, and were the 50, for several years and after three generations are his grandchildren who continue the family tradition continued with the same commitment and dedication to make a shoe of great quality and prestige, which of course also got our parents (the second generation).


Pepe Milán


Over the years until today we have been changing and adapting to changing times currently being consolidated and with a recognized prestige in the national and international shoe, having a good and experienced staff with great desire to excel, Here we continue to improve the quality of our products and combining new technologies with more traditional methods of manufacture and handling handmade shoes. 


Cartel de la fachada Pepe Milán


Our shoes are in most of the world today manufacture shoes of all kinds is so seldom we do realize the needs of our customers, the rate of change of new markets and future projections show that to remain a competitive business and there is only one way is to continue our commitment to providing the highest quality in our shoes.